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What's Happened To El Dorado Resort??

Discussion in '☋ Dumaguete City ☋' started by OnMyWay, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. john boy

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    Wirral near Liverpool UK
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    :D:D:D That's funny Jim
    Just read the Thread :wink: I take it nobody left a tip? :rolleyes:
  2. pfotoguy

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    Nacho's at Mikes are great. He has a great pool too. we go down there to cool off.
  3. Tbennekik

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    The Eldorado Beach resort

    Since about 10 years we stayed a few times there.

    The first times the owner (a swiss guy) was always at the resort. There was no manager and everything went smoothly.

    A few years later there was a female manager and we only saw the manager once during our 1 week stay.

    The last time (2009) we were there we saw the Filipino manager too. We didn't saw the owner anymore. But I heard he was still the same.
    The hospitality wasn't as cozy anymore as before.

    During the years the complex has grown a lot. The first year we came there the complex at the left wasn't there. There was only the first street of rooms, and part of the beach restaurant had no floor.

    But we visited also the resorts nearby and Price/quality Eldorado was in 2009 still the best.

    Friendly regards
  4. Kojak

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    I once ordered a "whiskey Sour" without the whiskey....willing to pay top price for a non-alcoholic drink...... they refused......

    It is not a matter of "money"..... it is a matter of rules laid down.....however myopically by the management ....customer service is not important.... common sense is not important.... the rules and the managers ego are the only things important

    Rhoody has pointed out that the Music Box / Why Not has been around many years..... maybe that is the problem.....they feel invincible.....feel free to treat the customer in any high handed abusive way they wish because they have a "lock" on their customer base.... I know several customers who would leave in a minute....if there was someplace else to go..... one of these days they will have some real competition.... someone who wont abuse their customers & employees ( I have other stories of employee abuse.... denying them tap water is just the beginning)..... then we will see if they survive
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