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Whats up with the mystic?

Discussion in '☋ Apo - Siquijor - Bohol ☋' started by Alexej_nemov, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Alexej_nemov

    Alexej_nemov DI New Member

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    I travel to Philippines almost every year but i have never been to Siquijor.
    Mostly i travel to Mindanao becouse my whife comes from there, i offen
    speak to her about Siquijor but she is scared to travel there, saying that the
    island is infected with voodo and stuff like that, one of her tito comes from
    Siquijor and he says we always must be aware and have a guide with us.

    Personaly i dont beleve in it, but im intrested in aicent mytology and have read about some of the creatures that lives in old balete trees and human who can cause death just by tapping you on the shoulder.
    I asked a man from Cebu who now lives in Taiwan and he said the locals made
    up storryes like that to protect theyr cannabis fields from tourists and goverment, personaly i find that hard to beleve too, so i seek alittle information about this mystic island and was hoping somone could help me out. :smile:

    I Post a werry nice video of an Siquijor Magic artist:

    - YouTube - Siquijor magic

    -28, Man from Norway-
  2. culumbinus

    culumbinus DI Member

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    there is one way to satisfy your curiousity...try to go to siquijor. probably live there for a while. with all these stories as perspective, i suggest you go there during the holy week season. that is the period the local shamans are actively renewing their rituals and also the season to recharge the potency of their mystic powers.

    ey, you could even write a book on such issue..part travelogue part anthropolgy study. wish you good luck. pass by dumaguete on your way to siquijor.
  3. mahalbugas

    mahalbugas DI Junior Member

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    holy week is few months away..and yes, it's the best time to visit siquijor if u really want to check about this vodoo stuff.it is true that's the week especially on Good Friday when vodoo people recharge the potency of their mystic powers---that's why no bathing on the ocean on that day.
  4. tunji oluwajuyemi

    tunji oluwajuyemi DI Forum Adept

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    the only obvious magic there is the preserved tradition of herbal knowledge for local plant remedies of illness and that is real magic if it makes me feel better when im sick..
  5. JoeMabini

    JoeMabini DI Member

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    I lived there for a year, and while I would not go so far as to call it witchcraft, I would say there is something going on there beyond the typical "You made a spirit mad and it is causing postpartum depression".

    As Westerners, we consider ourselves reasonable and believe in God, so keeping that in mind, if you believe in God, then you believe in Satan. Voodoo or whatever you may call it would fall under Satan's domain because if there was no evil about, why would you need God in the first place to protect you and deliver you to "Heaven"?

    Having a couple outlaws.... I mean inlaws "in the trade" so to speak, I have had the opportunity to speak about the subject with them. One of my questions is how can someone who believes in God also practice in the Anting Anting? His response is "You cannot believe in both".

    All I can tell you about the place and the supposed magic or curses is that I have seen some things I cannot explain including mysterious illnesses that befall people and then go away just as fast. I also know of people that were not so lucky as to survive the mysterious illness.

    Siquijor is full of tragedy and heartbreak. Maybe it is the Voodoo, or maybe it is just the moral bankruptcy of a large percentage of the inhabitants. Adultery, like most parts of the Philippines, is rampant as is prostitution and a fair amount of people just plain screwing each other over. Most disturbing to me is the teenage prostitution problem.

    I believe the morality issues Siquijodnans face is because the place is semi isolated and there is no industry. The only real export is OFWs and they send money home to their relatives who have nothing better to do than p*ss it away on shabu, weed, alcohol, and women who will do just about any "favor" for a new cell phone or even some load for a cell phone acquired from an earlier customer.

    - Just one man's impression
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