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Where can I find....

Discussion in '☋ Where to Find ☋' started by JohnInValencia, Nov 28, 2008.

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    If the moderators are reading this.... I'd really like to see a new permanent top level thread called "Where can I find...." or words to that effect. This would be shared info on where and how to find "hard to find" things plus the Filipino "magic words" frequently needed to identify it.

    From time to time the useful entries can be edited into a simple directory list and placed in a "sticky" entry. I'd even volunteer to do the editing.

    I'm talking stuff like "where can I get boric acid to control ants", "who sells reverse osmosis filters and supplies", and so forth.

    Right now my immediate question is: "Has anyone found a place to buy grass seed or even more desirable ... clover seed?

    BTW - what do I mean by "magic words"?

    Often Filipino's will know things by different names than "foreigners" commonly use. Couple this with the Filipino reluctance to admit that they don't know something or they don't understand and you may hear "out of stock" when they are standing within a meter of a bin with hundreds of what you are looking for.

    Examples: "self tapping screws" are "Tek Screws" here.
    "molly bolts" are "tux"
    "bungie cords" are "luggage straps"

    I often get behind checking "log on" forums like this so if anyone really knows where to get grass and/or clover seed I'd appreciate an email.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.