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Where to find a nice girl/lady to marry with

Discussion in 'Tourist Information' started by Johan_E_M, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Although not as much as the men. :wink:
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    Last place to find a ‘nice lady’ (exceptions will prove the rule): Why Not after several Grande’s/pay-for-view dating sites, free ones even...personally I’ve always relied on the ‘chance encounter’...not that I have the chance these days after 25 years of bonded sexual servitude.

    There were not Malls/shopping precincts around as a lad. Most rippers/roarer/scallywags I knew would chance it at 11-55pm just as “Lady in Red” was whacked on the turntable with Fat Doris from Shoes (legend has it she always would put out).

    Sophistication is something that dawns rather late on the average Male. From the youth club disco to the ‘faynest hotels/restaurants/romantic locations/bistros-cum-what-nots-whilst-peering-over-candles-whilst-some-Spanish waiter-who-is-miles-better-looking-than-you-serves-delicacies-dreamt-of-by-only-by-Byron’: the lot of your average Joe is less than perfect. Not for us a carnal ballet choreographed by the devil himself with cigars afterwards - but more a chance rumba if the digestion holds up and if we are lucky.

    The search for a mate begins with the heart and not the bottle. Forgive the expectation of the exotic, foreign or tropical. As the great woman sang, “you can’t hurry love, you just have to wait”. Good luck friends.

    Either way, as a bona fide sexual Tyranasaurus Rex, I’m willing to sacrifice my fidelity for a charge. My dear asawa calls me “priceless”. I agree. I’ll do anything for a pack of Marlboro n a 1/2 bottele Tanduay.


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