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Wow! It Seems There ARE Fish To Be Caught In The Philippines!

Discussion in '☋ Other Destinations in the Philippines and Asia ☋' started by Knowdafish, Oct 21, 2010.

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    2nd hand report as reported on Fishing Forums - Boating - Reports - Bloodydecks.com in this thread:

    Rapu-Rapu Island Channel, Philippines.

    I know a great trolling spot in the Republic of the Philippines. This is located off the eastern seaboard of Sorsogon Province in the Bicol Region. Jump-off area is the Bacon District and out to the Rapu-Rapu Island Channel. The area is rich in pelagic fish.

    Maximum water depth is 2,000 meters(according to Encarta Maps) mid from mainland Sorsogon and Rapu-Rapu Island. There is absolutely no pressure from sportfishing boats. The commonly used boat is the Philippine Banca with bamboo outriggers powered by the pull-start Briggs and Stratton gas engine.

    Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, GT, King Mack and other pelagics revel in the current/upwelling rich channel. Large sharks also roam in the open sea. My boatmen tell of GT as big as a man off Prieto Diaz. One described fish as big around as mature coconut logs are wide. Still another described 200 lbs. handline snapping without ever seeing the fish. I have seen large Marlin surfacing to feed and even sailfish tailing in the distance. I believe there are granders in the triangle i call San Bernardino Strait opening; Catanduanes Island and Prieto Diaz/Rapu-Rapu Island opening.

    Please see: Sirangan Beach Resort This is a good jump-off point patronized by foreigners.

    Mayon Volcano can be seen in the distance as the boat cruises on a clear day. The beach area is in a rustic, rural setting.



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