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Pura Vida Beach resort Dauin

    Dauin about 15km south of Dumaguete City is known to have many beach resorts in the Province of Negros Oriental. One famous beach resort is Pura Vida. The spacious beach resort is built from divers for divers and is under Swiss Management. “Pura Vida” means “Pure Life” and that’s exactly what they want you to feel during your stay at the Resort. The place is surrounded with...
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St. Paul University

Students at St. Paul University
    Another well known university in Dumaguete City is St. Paul University, abbreviated as SPUD or SPU Dumaguete. This is a private Catholic School. The university traces its origins to the coming of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC) in the Philippines. SPUD started as an institution which offers elementary education. Then High School started in 1920. Years later, Colle...
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Dumaguete Charter Day/Fiesta

    Dumaguete Charter Day is another month of Celebrations in the City of Gentle People. There would be parades, competitions and events, activities, tournaments that are spread out across the whole City of Dumaguete with the Quezon Park in the City Center. Usually, the activities would start around the first week of Novemeber until the first week of December. The City parade h...
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Discovering Ilocos Part One

    The Philippines has a lot of awesome travel destinations and one place not to miss  out starts from the place I  refer to as “Up North” being based here in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.  Being married to an Ilokano who is presently based In Dingras, a town which is approximately a 45-minute ride from Laoag City,  I would frequent the place and every visit, I still get th...
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Bacong Negros Oriental

  A 10- away minute ride down south from the city of Dumaguete lies Bacong.  Considered as  smallest town in the province of Negros Oriental, yet this town has a lot to offer, tourism wise.  It is pretty accessible by private vehicles, tricycles and jeepneys or the bigger Ceres buses that ply the south bound route.   Founded in 1801, this is the hometown of the revolutionary...
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Buglasan Festival

  Every year, Dumaguete City celebrates Buglasan Festival. Buglasan is the province’s annual Provincial Fiesta that is held every October. It is a provincial event where in all the municipalities, cities and towns of the Negros Oriental province becomes one. It is actually a unique celebration because it is a gathering of almost all the people in the province. The Buglasan of Negros Or...
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La Residencia Al Mar Hotel/Don Atilano

  Located right at the heart of Dumaguete fronting the magnificent ocean views is the stylish La Residencia Al Mar, formerly known as Almar Hotel the oldest hotel of Negros Oriental along the Rizal Boulevard. This is an old house of Spanish architecture that has been converted into a first class hotel. Visitors who stay in this hotel will find themselves just moments away from the comm...
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Plantasia Park Sibulan Negros Oriental

  Have you ever tried visiting a place where you are surrounded by plants, animals, fruits and trees? Imagine a place with natural resources in it. Here in Negros Oriental, there is one famous place well known to have this natural atmosphere. This place is called the Plantasia Park. The name Plantasia came from the words Plant and the Asia. To make it more unique, that’s why it is call...
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The famous Roasted Pig in the Philippines

  Here in the Philippines, we have a very famous dish that is always present in every occasion. We call it the “lechon baboy”. That is actually a roasted pig. Lechon is pork dish in several regions of the world, most specially Spain and its former colonial possessions throughout the world. The word lechon is originated from the Spanish term; that refers to a suckling pig that is roaste...
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