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Dumaguete is one of the most popular cities in the Philippines. It has been known throughout the country for its beautiful colleges and universities as well as the excellent education that they provide. Students from all over the country flock to this beautiful city to have a take on the quality education that can be found here.

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PhilX-Pat Real Estate

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PhilX-Pat Support Services is a professional Real Estate Marketing agency that helps local licensed brokers, owners and developers showcase their properties to potential clients in Negros Oriental , nationally across the Philippines and abroad.

Dumaguete Homes – Real Estate

Whether building your “Dream” Beach or Ocean View Home, need low cost housing, home financing, legal advice or just want to Invest in beautiful beach and ocean view property we can help.

Rover’s Bldg., South Road, Calindagan, Dumaguete City,
Negros Oriental,
Cell: 0939-922-9588 (English) 0920-285-7883** (Visayan)**
Tel. No.: 1-828-606-9124 (US)
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website: www.dumaguetehomes.com

Philsouth Properties and Development Corporation

2428 South National Road, Calindagan, Dumaguete City
Tel nos. (+63-35) 422-2730 / 2254052 | Fax no. (+63-35) 422-2730.
Email: inquiries@philsouth.com / website: www.philsouth.com


This City of Dumaguete is undergoing development at a very rapid pace. Numerous capitalists and financiers have invested a lot in this region to capitalize on its burgeoning economy. The improving economic status of the city can be seen on the progressive state of real estate here.

The real estate in this city today features numerous commercial and residential lots that are available for potential buyers. These are prime lots that buyers would definitely like. The place has also seen a lot of major constructions going on in the past few years. The increasing number of tourists arriving in Dumaguete increases its value in the real estate market.

The boom of the business process outsourcing in Dumaguete also contributed to the presently good atmosphere in the real estate industry of the region. As the job opportunities proliferate, more and more people from outside the region would come to the city. This will lead to a better development as well as the construction of more residential buildings.

The beauty of the real estate in Dumaguete can never be doubted. It has already blossomed into one of the finest city in the Philippines. It has also outgrown the other progressive cities before. Throughout the next few years, expect more construction of buildings, hospitals, schools and other commercial establishments. This will lead to a major boost to the real estate of the city as well as the province of Negros Oriental in general.

People who are interested to know more about the present condition of the real estate market in Dumaguete, they can also consult the Yellow Pages for more in-depth information. These Yellow Pages provide classified data that would allow people to know about the different services and other places of interest that can be found within the city.

The Yellow Pages contain the most complete list of people as well as services within the area of Dumaguete. They include the telephone numbers as well as other contact data they need to reach the services that they are seeking. These Yellow Pages serve as an excellent tool for people who are in great need for any rightful information regarding specific places and services.

The Yellow Pages include data that are needed to know the different services involved in the real estate in Dumaguete. With the help of these resources, people can easily make their way around the area. There are also available online Yellow Pages for more information about the different Web sites pertaining to the beautiful place called Dumaguete.

PhilX-Pat Real Estate

PhilX-Pat Support Services is a professional Real Estate Marketing agency that helps local licensed brokers, owners and developers showcase their properties to potential clients in Negros Oriental , nationally across the Philippines and abroad. ​ Our goal is to ensure that all buyers, sellers, renters and landlords get trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional service delivered in a…

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Dumaguete Construction

SM & MST Construction is one of Dumaguete’s trusted names in design and construction of energy - efficient budget houses, executive homes or commercial/institutional buildings in the low, medium, and/or high-end cost range anywhere in the Visayas area. Being the exclusive distributor with ten (10) years of experience in the housing construction business, the company…

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Sea Horse House Boats

Through inventive processes and unique solutions we provide unmatched value to our customers. Fostering creative work environments where we always challenge ourselves to improve our commitment to you.   We work with you through the entire design process in creating your unique Sea Horse House Boat. Incorporating as many features into your houseboat, to ensure…

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Philsouth-Developer and Contractor

Coming by Dumaguete City, dubbed as the City of Gentle People and a university town in the bucolic province of Negros Oriental, one can check out worthwhile and lucrative investments in Philsouth Properties and Development Corporation (Philsouth), considered as a trailblazer in property development in this part of the country. Its core business is focused…

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Fernandez Arkitekura

 Fernandez Arkitekura “Molding your vision is where concepts evolve into Great Designs.” We are pleased to show you the ff details of our services:  I.          GENERAL SCOPE OF SERVICES    A.   Schematic Designing    B.   Design Development-finalization of desingns and plans    C.   Contract Documents-complete sets of working drawings    D.   Site…

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