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Diving in Apo Island

If you are on your way to a diving activity in Negros Oriental, then include a trip to Apo Island in your itinerary. It is situated about six kilometers off the southeastern shores of Negros Island and south of Dumaguete City. It can also be reached by boat from Silliman Beach.

Apo Island boasts of a wide array of dive sites to choose from. Chapel Point is a sanctuary of various fish species including tuna, black and white snappers, and barracuda. There is likewise various species of coral and exotic marine life like sea stars, nudibranch, basket sponges, whip corals, and gorgonian sea fans.

Another exciting dive site on Apo Island is Rock Point. It is accessible by banca. Although the weather conditions here can be heavy, Rock Point has an abundant share of marine life. Diving activity kicks off from a gentle slope consisting of rocks and coral heads. It abounds with various fish species like black and white snappers, Picasso triggerfish, black and white tip sharks, moray eels, to name just a few.

Apo Island Marine Sanctuary

Towards the east of Rock Point lies another dive site on Apo Island and one that shouldn’t be missed. The Marine Sanctuary is home to turtles, clown fish, and giant clams. It is a combination of walls, sands, and slopes. Among the fish species common in Marine Sanctuary include Vlaming’s Unicornfish, turtles, black and white snappers, nudibranch, and manta rays.

Moreover, another excellent dive site on Apo Island is Mamsa Point, which derived its name from its variety of jacks. This site is home to various species of scorpionfish, lionfish, groupers, and black and white tip reef sharks.

Coconut Point

Coconut Point is located at the northern portion of Apo Island. Barracudas, jacks, whitetip reef sharks, and Vlaming Unicornfish are some of the fish common on this side of the island. It is likewise home to different varieties of soft coral. Coconut Point is recognized for having a strong current.

While Apo Island is generally a dive site, there are other activities that non-divers can indulge in. Trekking to the lighthouse, shopping for different delicacies and native products in the local market, or taking a trip to lover’s beach can likewise complete a trip to Apo Island.

How to Get to Apo Island

When going to Apo Island, you can book a flight with PAL and Air Philippines going to Dumaguete. A trip from Manila is about an hour long. From Cebu, Dumaguete can be reached via Supercat Ferry. When you reach Dumaguete, a pump or banca boat ride will take you to Apo Island.

So the next time you plan to go diving in Dumaguete City, a visit to the dive sites on Apo Island will have your fill of excitement.

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