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801 violators at discipline zone

DUMAGUETE CITY – Authorities have apprehended and penalized eight hundred one (801) violators since the full

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The importance of calcium for all ages

HEALTH IS WEALTHDUMAGUETE CITY – Many Filipinos may not realize the importance of calcium to good health. Calcium

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Black Panther: Not Your Average Superhero Movie

INSIGHT AVENUEDUMAGUETE CITY – Marvel has released yet another superhero movie. This time, it’s Black Panther in

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Stop. Look. Listen.

INSIGHT AVENUEDUMAGUETE CITY – In an age of lightning-fast delivery of both information and misinformation, it is

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Federalism, anyone?

INSIGHT AVENUEDUMAGUETE CITY – Federalism is an excellent political philosophy. It accords autonomy to member

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