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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I quote another member?

How to Quote a Post, Multiple Posts and More:

Single Quote - To quickly quote single full post made by a user simply go to the post you wish to quote and hit the "Reply" button below it:
Screenshot from 2016-08-24 18:29:44.png

After you click this button you will automatically be brought down to the Reply Box and the post you replied to will be placed inside the quote ([QUOTE][/QUOTE]) BB code:
Screenshot from 2016-08-24 18:35:59.png

Multi-Quote - To easily quote multiple posts by one or more users go to the first post you wish to quote and click the "+Quote" button. You will be notified the selection was made:
Screenshot from 2016-08-24 18:48:33.png

Repeat this with other messages you wish to quote in your reply. Once finished scroll down to the reply box and click the "Insert Quotes" button (located opposite the "Post Reply" button) to review the quotes you selected and then press "Quote These Messages":
Screenshot from 2016-08-24 18:54:27.png
Screenshot from 2016-08-24 19:02:30.png

Selective Quote - You can selectively quote parts of a post by simply highlighting the section you wish to quote with your mouse or touch screen and then clicking the +Quote or Reply Button.
Screenshot from 2016-08-24 19:17:21.png

How do I watch a thread?

Watching threads are Dumaguete Info's way of keeping you updated on threads you have created, participated in, or choose to be updated about.

By default any thread you start or reply to will become watched. This will generate an email every time someone replies as well as an alert on the alert's menu. You can change this behavior in your preferences.

To watch a thread without participating simply click “Watch Thread” on top of any thread.

Why does it say I am a "Lurker" under my avatar?

That is your "User Title". It is based off of how many posts you have made on the forum. Users with zero posts have the honor of having the "Lurker" user title. Once you have made a post the title will change to something else.

If you don't like the lurker title.....stop lurking about and make a few posts. :wink:

How do I upload an image to a thread or reply?

You can to upload images to your topics and reply posts. All images uploaded to Dumaguete Info will be automatically resized if they exceed allotted image size.

To add an attachment:
  1. Click the “Upload File” button.
  2. Find and select the desired file on your computer.
  3. Wait for upload to finish.
    • If an image file, chose to insert either a "Thumbnail" or "Full Image".
    • If you do not insert a thumbnail or full size image, thumbnails will automatically be placed at the bottom of your post.
Note: Many of us here in the Philippines struggle with very slow internet connections. Please be considerate and insert thumbnails in your posts if you are uploading large images.

Allowed File Types:

Why are my posts not showing up after I submit them?

New users need to have their first 2 posts approved by a moderator. After your initial 2 posts have been reviewed and approved by a moderator they will go public and these restrictions will be removed from your account.

Note: It may take up to an hour after your second post is approved for the software to update your account permissions.

How do I post a new message?

This depends on the type of message you are wanting to post. There are instructions already posted in the FAQ section on how to make different types of posts.

How do I delete my account/posts?

Well that depends:
If no posts or private messages have been sent from your account (basically an unused account), made mistakes during registration or wish to merge your old account with a new one you have created you can ask one of the Forum Staff Members to assist you with getting the account deleted/merged.

If you have contributed to the forum or sent private messages to other members there is little chance the account will be completely removed from DI's databases. However, we will deactivate the account, remove any profile information you provided and make sure that you never receive any future emails from the forum.
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