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Discussion in '☋ Photo Board ☋' started by tuba-coma, Nov 26, 2015.

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    All true... but you left out the 10 minutes of prayer, take 3 selfies and post to Facebook, gotta squeeze that in some where!
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  2. RHB

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    When I lived in Doomsville, the army occasionally used force against the NPA insurgents in the mountains near Siaton. rocket fire, boots on ground, helicopters all over dumaguete, but not a word in the local news media. I was on the beach one day in Siaton and a platoon of boots fully armed marched by on patrol. comforting. But a few months later the NPA marched back into town claiming revolutionary tax from the local citizenry. cat and mouse games. just stay clear of the line of fire and it will be OK. and travel with cash if your in the mountains, but not more than you are prepared to loose. :smile:
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