Books Sold Separately Or As A Collection – Prices Are Listed By Book In Description

A have a few used books for sale. All are from the USA with the exception of the English-Tagolog Dictionary. I’ve Added a few new ones to the Collection.There are both hardcovers and softcovers included. The cover type is listed in the books description.Book 1 ) – P500 The AARP Guide to Pills – older Reference Book (2005)- Includes Full Color Photographs of the different many medications used Today. “Essential Information on More than 1,200 Prescription and Nonprescription Medications, Including Generics, Side Effects & Drug Interactions. ” Its a reference book around 1000 Pages, with a laminated cardboard type cover.Book 2) – P500 Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. Nice book of the series. 309 Pages – SoftCoverBook 3) – P500 Denis Leary: Why we Suck: “A feel good guide to staying fat, loud, lazy and stupid” – Hilarious Comedy book with hardcover although I’m mising the cover that fits inside the hardcover sleeve. Absolutely hilarious comedy book but I’ve read it enough to keep it interesting ? Around 240 pagesBook 4) P300 – English – Tagolog , Tagolog – English DICTIONARY “Ideal for School, Home and Office Use – Contains important words, phrases and idioms of the English Language and their Filipino equivalent” – SoftCover, around 460 pages.Book 5) P500 – Science’s Trickiest Questions: “402 Questions That Will Stump, Amuse and Surprise” Very interesting and entertaining book. A fun way to read/learn educational material! Around 280 Pages. HARD Cover. Bought at BARNES AND NOBLES

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