One day, as I was just finishing a photo shoot with a rice farmer in Siaton, Negros Oriental, I saw this little girl in the entrance of her house.
The light was exceptional and this little girl was really looking like a porcelain doll.
So I asked her grand ma if I could take some pictures of her, and she agreed.
Few days later after posting this photo on my social networks, the mom of the little girl heard about it thanks to one of her friend who was following my page.
The mother and the father were so happy to see the picture of their beautiful baby girl, Yannie. The same night, I went to meet the father and offered him a print of this picture. (colored version)

After that a friendship started between us and they invited us to the fiesta of their barangay in Siaton.
We are still in contact on a regular basis until now 🙂

This picture made it to the 3rd stage of the HIPA contest 2019.

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