The Dumaguete Rizal Boulevard


DUMAGUETE CITY – The center of all activities in Dumaguete City revolves around the Rizal Boulevard. It is named after Jose Rizal because our national hero used to spend his time at the boulevard whenever he was in Dumaguete. So many lovers remember the memories of the time they spent together whispering sweet nothings.They just sit close together. Girl asks the boy what he is thinking about. The boy answers, “Parehos sa imong gihuna-huna (same as what you are thinking),” and the girl replies, “BASTOS!”

The Rizal boulevard has not been improved for a long time. Finally, the present administration of Dumaguete City is widening the boulevard to give more space for people to play beach volleyball and do “ZUMBA” and dance sport as well. More activities will surely take place in the boulevard and more people will flock to its expanse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reclamation at the Rizal boulevard will be very profitable to the city because real estate in the boulevard are rented out or sold at relatively high rates due to its location. More money should be invested in the boulevard. Benches should also be improved. The lawn should be kept green and the drinking fountain should be kept clean. Dogs and other pets should be prohibited. It should be well-lighted all night and the anti littering policy should be strictly enforced. Begging should be prohibited. Loud music and speeches should be prohibited as well.

Rizal Boulevard

The Rizal Boulevard was built in 1916 and extends 780 meters long. It was named after Jose Rizal who is said to wile away a few hours on this stretch. The boulevard of Dumaguete City is really where dreams are fulfilled.

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