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Siquijor Overview | Dumaguete Info

Siquijor is one of the many islands in the Visayas region that is blesses with clean white beaches, crystal clear seas and an animated marine life. It is situated southeast from Cebu and Negros and southwest from Bohol. Many have been lured by the island’s lethargic pace, the laid back atmosphere and most especially the rich and colorful underwater world – a haven for diving enthusiasts.

Siquijor island has a total land area of 343.5 square kilometers boasting of a 102 kilometer long coastline. It is the third smallest province in the Philippines. The terrain is generally flat and coastal but with scattered mountain ranges, the highest of all peaks being Mount Bandilaan.

Siquijor has a very tropical climate as like almost all of the Philippines – categorically dry from the months of Januray to May and wet during the rest of the months. November has the heaviest and the most number of rainfalls while April has the least. The average climactic temperature of the island is 28 degrees Celsius and a recorded humidity average of 78%.

The port of Siquijor can be found at Larena. To be able to get to Siquijor from Dumaguete City, there is a fast craft by Delta Fast Ferries Inc that ply the Dumaguete- Siquijor and Siquijor-Dumaguete route.

What to see in Siquijor

Siquijor is ever popular as being an idyllic small island getaway for those who appreciate nature at its purest, for hikers and bikers, and lovers of the ocean. The highest peak, Mount Bandilaan boasts of a man made rainforest with caves that remain unexplored. It also holds the famous butterfly sanctuary keeping within its walls some of the biggest butterflies in Asia.

The Capilay Spring Park in the town of San Juan is a natural freshwater spring park with amenities such as a swimming pool and a snack bar. For swimming, snorkeling and other water sports, the long stretch of white sand at the coastline is an ideal playground. In the towns of Lazi and Larena are some waterfalls that also provide an alternative to beach activities. Wholesome fun and entertainment await the beach lovers, adventurers, divers, travelers, couples and families in the island of Siquijor. There are also a odd number of beach resorts in the area.

Siquijor is also famous for its magic potions, shamans and sorcerers and is known as the magic island of the Philippines.

Other noteworthy places include the old Cang-isok house, the bell tower of St. Francis of Asisi built in the late 1800s, and the St. Isidore Labradore Church and Convent said to be the oldest and the biggest in Asia.