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Michael Cassidy was born in 1950 and raised in Limerick, Ireland. The date of his death has not yet been determined. Eager to escape the realities of his Irish upbringing and Jesuit education, at nineteen, he talked his way onto a Dutch vessel in Dunmore East and worked his passage to Holland. He then joined the Dutch fishing fleet in the North Sea.

A Priceless Natural Resource

Regarding Filipina-foreigner relationships, I never intended to imply condemnation of them all. That would have been factually inaccurate. There are many happy and successful stories. All I was offering were observations of what I saw happening here in Dumaguete shortly after I arrived here.

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This Island, My Home

Sign up for the PhilX Group newletter Being Irish, and a writer, it’s intuitive for me to observe. I find it

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Life In The Philippines

Sign up for the PhilX Group newletter I began life in Ireland which is my country of birth. I’ve also lived in

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How to Make the Right Decision

When I was contemplating the move to Dumaguete, my concern about live passing me by was a strong motivator in helping me take action. I definitely didn’t want to wake some morning when old and regretting what might have been. I felt I’d earned the right to truly enjoy the rest of my life, to have new experiences that could revitalize and invigorate me. Perhaps most importantly, I asked myself what did I really have to loose by moving to Dumaguete?

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The Overall Impact of C19 on Me

Continued uncertainty leads to an unhealthy state of mind for us humans. The word pandemic sounds relatively

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