Frequent exposure to TV violence feeds aggression


Frequent exposure to TV violence feeds aggression

DUMAGUETE CITY – Today, it becomes so apparent that many youngsters are becoming increasingly so aggressive. A lot of parents are complaining that their kids are manifesting aggressive behavior which is an unusual occurrence in their life for they claim that as parents, they have not uttered any punitive or harsh words. Many kids are identifying with their superheroes – always defeating the enemies. They believe that they are so smart in outsmarting people.

Most people would understand the great influence brought about by the constant exposure to video games, computers, cellphones, and other gadgets where teenagers love to play the very challenging games of combat – using their skills and dexterity in defeating or destroying the enemies or opponents through violence. This very factor of winning greatly motivates the adolescents to be very aggressive in their behavior. It is very frustrating to be defeated all the time. So, one strives to be aggressive to gain the upper hand or victory in life and not to be a “sad sack” – the perennial victims in life.

Now let us analyze the main cause of the aggressive behavior. An American top psychologist, Dr. Ronald G. Slaby of Harvard University, discussed the effects of television violence on children during a recent conference in Houston, Texas. He said that studies have categorized the negative effects on kids in four major ways:

1. The “aggressor effect.” This is described as an increase in aggressive behavior after viewing TV violence.

2. The “victim effect.” This increases fearfulness about the world especially among the girls who tend to identify as victims.

3. The “bystander effect.” This is an increased desensitization to violence.

4. The “appetite effect.” This is described as an increased desire to watch T.V. violence.

The most vulnerable viewers are kids aged three to five who don’t have any “real world” experience, Dr. Slaby says.


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