Missing the Talay in NORSU

I remembered the first time I step in the gates of Negros Oriental State University, hopeful and excited. During my four years in that university the thing that I wouldn’t forget is “TALAY”.The first time I saw how long the line is I even called my mom and told her I wanted to transfer to another school, but it didn’t happen.
In my four years standing in the never-ending line in NORSU the things that I learned is Patience, Punctuality, and different Strategy “hangyo diri, hangyo igto”, no feeling can be compared after you surpass that endless line “sobra pa sa naka jackpot sa lotto”. And now that I graduated and working, I missed the feeling of being in the line, with friends making memories.That is my enrollment story, what’s yours?
Comment your experience below(Enrollment is still going on for School year 2019-2020)

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