”Take your big Break, and Start living your life to the Fullest”

We all want to live our lives to the fullest, from our childhood, getting our degrees, and getting the job that we want, but does having a stable job sums it all? I don’t think so; at the end of the day, we must think if it’s the time to retire and start enjoying and exploring the rest of the world and the rest of us.

Retiring early means having an abundant time to take good care of yourself, enjoy the things you want, and live your life away from stress.

Money can be earned back but the time and energy won’t, you’re not getting any younger. Start now and think where to settle not only for the good but for the better.

Most of the foreign retirees consider taking the new chapter of their lives in a tropical country, where the relaxing beaches and striking highlands are. The culture and vibe of the people pull you to come and stay.

The Philippines is one of the top choices of the retirees to settle, one because of its low-cost living from your daily needs, healthcare, traveling, you name it! You can have a sumptuous dinner in a fancy restaurant, have your own vehicle, and buy goods at a price lower as you expected. This one might shock you, but in this country, you can have your own house and lot at the price of a nice pick up in U.S., sounds crazy, isn’t it?

This country is also known because of its majestic islands such as Cebu, Siquijor, Bohol, Apo Island, and the small city is known as one of the best retirement places in the world Dumaguete.
Dumaguete is a small provincial town that homes 255 of the 379 foreign retirees according to the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) 2018. The expats grew numbers because of the city’s ‘friendly people’ and the cost of living, expats also expresses that living there is much easier than other areas in the country because people can understand and speak English fluently, not to mention the oldest American School in the country the Silliman University is located here where not only local students but international students come and enroll.

The city has a diverse culture, astonishing tourist spots, remember the islands I mentioned earlier? It is only hours away from the city. But if you are a retiree who is not only searching the best of yourself, exploring the beauty of the world, but also a romantic searching for the love of your life. Dumaguete is the place where most of the people like to write their love stories.

Truly, that the Philippines particularly Dumaguete is the safe haven for you.

Welcome to the New Chapter of your life! We, from PhilX Group of Companies- Dumaguete, be your partner to that, from finding the house to settle, construction services, down to solar power installation, and more.

You want to live your life to the fullest and experience this safe haven?

Juergen German expat who found his dream life, house, and love all at one place, Dumaguete


Christian a German expat who have doubts in building his house in the Philippines since he been frequently traveling to Dubai, found his best partner for his construction project at DPX Construction and Development

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