New School year, New battle for Parents

If you’re tired of school, ask your parents Most of the students keep on complaining about going to school but never asked their parents if they’re also tired of sending them to school. You wanted to quit and your parents are weighing too much to finance you, if you stop, they don’t have things to worry it’s a win-win situation, but parents tend to say NO! It bothers them not giving you the education and future you deserve, they’re doing their very best to provide the things that you want, rain or shine you are the priority. Mothers and fathers can’t even buy new underwear but can afford to buy you a new iPhone so that you will not go out of style.What I am trying to say is that, take time and check the callous hands of your parents, have you been doing your part to pay them back even for just doing simple things?This coming June for some August, a new school year opens and it’s a signal of new agony for parents yet a new chance for their children to step closer to their dreams. Before you enjoy drinking liquor and smoke while skipping your class, and before you refuse to study and fail that exam, think that your parents are investing blood and sweat for your future.This is a friendly reminder before the school year, 2019-2020 opens, to value education and value the hardships of our parents, give them the reward that they deserve.
You being successful and your parents retiring happily is a true WIN-WIN.

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