7/Eleven Day 50% Promo

It’s 7/11 day everyone! Your one-stop shop is now giving you 50% off on selected items, you can find it on there 7/11 day stall where they display all the items with reduced prices.

This is their way of saying thank you to us for patronizing them.

The First 7/11 store in the Philippines was established on  February 29, 1984, at the corner of Kamias Road and EDSA City, Metro Manila, and today a dramatic increase of franchise is observed. This store has been a part of our growing years from our childhood where we buy our favorite sundae, going to our college days where we buy cup noodles late at night to ease our hunger, or it might be your first date, the happy moments with friends, 7/11 became our partner in collecting those treasured moments.

Today let us celebrate with 7/11 for being there with us and supplying our needs 24/7 any day. And Don’t forget the 50% discount! See you at your nearest 7/11 store. 

PROMO is available from July 7- 11


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